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Watch California community college faculty, staff and administrators (our superheroes) discuss Sidekick’s programs and how they and their students have benefited from its resources.

Introducing Sidekick

Scott Valverde, specialist with the Student Services and Special Programs division at the state Chancellor's Office, introduces an exciting new web portal, Sidekick (, an innovative site that combines six free resources under one easy-to-access umbrella.

CCC Confer’s Webinar Features

Autumn Bell, director of distance education and instructional technology at Fresno City College, discusses using CCC Confer to attend webinars to connect with colleagues throughout the state to discuss 508 compliance issues and other topics.

Alternative Text Production Center and Digital Textbooks

Bambi Mayfield, alternative media support specialist at Butte College, discusses how A.T.P.C. saves time by rapidly creating digital textbooks for students.

Make Your Course Materials ADA Compliant with the High Tech Center Training Unit

Dr. Barbara Illowsky, professor of mathematics and statistics at De Anza College, discusses how the H.T.C.T.U. has helped to create ADA compliant course content for students.

High Tech Center Training Unit Teaches Faculty to Create Accessible Media

Carl Fielden, disabled student programs and services specialist at Grossmont College, talks about H.T.C.T.U.’s roll in training faculty to design fully accessible computer labs and media so that all students can participate in class.

CCC Confer Helps Staff Connect

Jamie Dillard, disabled student programs and services director at Butte College, explains how CCC Confer’s resources helps faculty, staff, and administrators statewide connect with one another to share critical information.

Distance Education Captioning and Transcription and Online Video Captioning

Jayme Johnson, director of accessibility and user experience at California Community College Online Education Initiative, explains how D.E.C.T. allows instructors to use online videos with captioning as part of distance education courses.

Online Teaching Certification Using @ONE

Katie Datko, instructional designer for online learning at Pasadena City College, credits @ONE for helping the college to certify its instructors to teach online.

Alternate Text Production Center Provides Electronic Textbooks

Keith Brock, alternate media/technology access specialist at West Hills Community College,  discusses using A.T.P.C. to interface with textbook publishers to obtain a variety of content for his students.

Alternate Text Production Center Reduces Workload

Ken Sawicki, access technology/alternative media specialist at Antelope Valley College, notes that A.T.P.C. helps save time by providing mathematics textbooks for students who use braille.

Faculty Professional Development Through @ONE

Lesley Buehler, dean of the business, technology, and learning resources division at Ohlone College, commends @ONE for helping to train a large number of her college’s faculty in online education.

3C Media Solutions Provides Media Content for Classes

Lisa Larson, academic catalog and online support specialist at Copper Mountain College, talks about 3CMedia Solutions and the resources it can provide colleges to create a whole array of dynamic media content for courses.

Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Helping with ADA Compliance

Dr. Lucinda Aborn, dean of disabled student programs and services at Cerritos College, talks about D.E.C.T. creating captions for course videos.

3CMedia Solutions and Podcasting

Rick Cassoni, a professor at San Diego Mesa College, uses 3CMedia Solutions to create content which has improved course participation among his students.

@ONE Contracts with Colleges to Provide Online Training

Wendy Bass, distance education coordinator at Pierce College, contracted with @ONE to help faculty get familiar with Moodle.