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On this page you will find more resources to complement your Sidekick experience, including: guidelines to help you ensure that online distance education is accessible for all students, a Sidekick PowerPoint template to help you prepare presentations, and an FAQ to answer most questions you or your colleagues may have about Sidekick.



Sidekick Tools - DISTANCE EDUCATION ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES For Students with Disabilities


For Students with Disabilities

This document has been thoughtfully prepared as a resource for supervisors of Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS), Assistive Technology Specialists, Alternate Media Specialists, Distance Education Coordinators, instructional designers, faculty, ADA/504 Coordinators, trainers and administrators. These updated accessibility guidelines are intended to align with current technological access issues that colleges face in the delivery of distance education courses, while offering practical solutions and strategies to address these accessibility challenges.


Sidekick Tools - General Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow

This Microsoft Powerpoint contains various slides introducing the Sidekick website (


Sidekick Tools - Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow template (blank)

This Microsoft Powerpoint template contains various slides which can be used to build presentations. This template is blank.

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