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CCC Confer

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CCC Confer provides high quality Web conferencing technology tools and lecture capture services to support students, faculty and staff in collaborative online environments. With this ADA-compliant resource, communication via the Internet or phone brings inspiring ideas together to ensure the continued success of the California Community Colleges system and our students.

CCC Confer Website

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Let’s face it, team members can’t always be in the same room at the same time, and with CCC Confer, you don’t have to be. With the latest Web conferencing technology tools and lecture capture services available, collaborative environments can bring inspiring ideas together regardless of geography. CCC Confer makes it happen and makes it ADA-compliant, too. Pretty sure that just made your day. Be sure to visit the CCC Confer website to get the whole story on what this group can do, or keep exploring the Sidekick home page for even more inspiring tools.